Week 2 11- 15th January

Hello again Year 4!

This week’s learning has lots of voice overs and lots of videos from Mr Perry and Mrs Lynes to help you with your learning. We will be moving to logging into TEAMS together soon but this week we have made sure that you have lots of explanation from us and you get to see our faces and hear our voices too. Please remember to click the speaker of the black square on the powerpoint to hear the voiceover or to see the video.

If you require learning from Mrs Millican, please visit the appropriate link below.





Today we will learn how to convert between a 12 and a 24 hour clock time. Mrs Lynes has recorded a short video for you to look at alongside the powerpoint below.  If you are finding time too hard at this level, there are lots of activities on Purple Mash that we have put in your To Do folder. Work through these today and Wednesday.

Once you think you’ve understood, have a go at the activity. If you complete this and need a challenge, I would like you to complete a timetable of your day (when you usually come to school might be easier) using 12 and 24 hour timings. For example:

7am  07.00 – My alarm goes off.

7.30am 07:30 – I brush my teeth.


3.15pm  15.10 – It’s hometime.


24 hour time

Lesson 4 – main


Below is another powerpoint with Mrs Lynes teaching you about word classes. The powerpoint will play on it’s own this time but please listen carefully. You can still skip backwards and forwards if you need to. There are full instructions about your task and which challenge to choose. The challenges are also below.

word classes

Challenge 1

Challenge 2

Challenge 3 


Lesson 2 of your Timbre learning. Follow the Oak Academy lesson which follows on from Friday.


PE – Please complete an activity of your choice. Joe Wicks, Yoga, walk with parents… It’s up to you but you must be active for at least 30 minutes!




Mr Perry has recorded a video so you can complete your Arithmetic questions and then go through your working out and your answers. We know that lots of you are good at these now but it’s important to keep practising and more important to watch Mr Perry’s working out. Accuracy is vital in arithmetic. When you have done this and marked it, please spend 15 minutes on TT Rockstars.


Year 4 Arithmetic Test


Poetry today. You are going to look at three different types of poems and then have a go at writing your own. As usual, there is a powerpoint with Mrs Lynes teaching you about each type and then explaining your task.


Geography (theme)

Mrs Lynes has recorded a voice over to the attached powerpoint to talk you through the lesson. This should take you most of your afternoon but should also be fun. We look forward to seeing your photos.

Theme Lesson 1 – Layers of the earth  




We are going to revise 12 and 24 hour time again and look at some reasoning problems to show our understanding fully. Time is difficult to understand and if you struggle, go onto Purple Mash in your To do area, you will find some telling the time activities that you can do instead. This will be challenge 1.

24 hour time PP

Challenge 2 Varied Fluency

Challenge 3 Reasoning


Today we are going to look at a descriptive poem by a poet called John Betjeman. Your job is to analyse and anotate the poem using your BOOMTASTICS to help you. Don’t worry, Mrs Lynes will teach you how to do this in the video below.

A Bay In Anglesey by John Betjeman



We are looking at States of Matter and instead of listening more to Mr Perry and Mrs Lynes, we thought an Oak Academy lesson would be interesting. Please engage with this and complete the activities and then look at the powerpoint and extra activities which are also below. This will take you the afternoon.


Lesson Presentation Solid Liquid or Gas

Sorting cards – Activity 1

Particle Properties – Activity 2




Units of length today. We are going to recall facts about units of length, convert between them and solve some reasoning problems also. there are 3 challenges. If you find the learning difficult, again there are some length activities on purple mash in the To Do section. If the video on each powerpoint fails to play (I know there have been a couple of issues), I have included a voice over as well. Both teach you the same things.


Challenge 1

Challenge 2

Challenge 3


Today you are going to think about a place out in nature that is special to you. Listen to the powerpoint voice over where Mrs Lynes will tell you what your activity is.

Descriptive sentences


Humanism lesson two.” Where do Humanists find their Truth?”  Another rest from Mrs Lynes. An Oak Academy lesson for you.



Please practise the attached spellings. You know which group you are in. Practise the spellings and put them into sentences.

Week 1 – ir



As we have not done any guided reading due to not being in school, I have attached an inference task and three different comprehension activities for you to choose from. They are first news stories. If any of this reading is too difficult please read bug club and answer the comprehension bugs. All of you can do the inference task as it is the same as the ones we do in school.


Inference image

Reading Detectives recording sheet


Revision of the people in your family. Use the powerpoint to help you to draw and label family members. If you are feeling like a challenge, try and remember sentences that you can say that introduce your family members. You were doing this with Mrs Bonsar before Christmas.




Use this time to practise times tables. I would also like you to go back and revisit any areas of maths this week that you have found difficult. We have covered alot and it’s important that you have good understanding before we move on each week. Use purple mash to help you if you need more support.


What is Tonal Shading? Work through the powerpoint and then have a go at the activity sheet. There is a section which suggests working with a partner – do this alone or with a sibling or parent.

Tonal Shading Activity Sheet

Tonal Shading Presentation


Term 3 Week 1 Home Learning

Welcome Back message. 


Hello all,

We hope you had a nice Christmas with your families and are all keeping well and safe. We know that you would love to be back at school as planned but we will be doing our best to make your home learning just as fun and interesting as being in class!

This week, you will find all of your work below, separated into each day. Please complete the work as best as you can but do not worry if you can’t complete it all. Please make sure that you also keep physically active by exercising with your family or using online resources such as Joe Wicks!

Most of you need to do the learning we have set below however, here is alternative learning set by Mrs Millican.

KS1 – https://padlet.com/kimberleymillican/h9guoxwgtx5r64dc

KS2 – https://padlet.com/kimberleymillican/o0k1zkew3x7whvzh




We are going to start by looking at Recounts. A recount retells an experience or event that has taken place in the past. It needs to inform the reader of what has happened in detail as well as entertain your reader. Importantly, a recount needs to be in the order of when it happened.

First, take a look at the two examples of recounts on the word document attached below. Read through both examples and highlight all the features which make the writing successful (what are the good parts?). Think about the writing features you have been using in your writing in the last two terms – can you label any examples of these? Once you have highlighted, decide which of the two examples is the best and why. Explain to a parent or family member if you can.

After that, open the recount Powerpoint below where you will be able to hear Mrs Lynes talk you through what she thought so you can compare your findings. To listen to Mrs Lynes, just click on the speaker symbol on each slide.

Recounts examples

Recount Powerpoint



Have a go at completing the arithmetic practise test attached below. Don’t worry about timing yourself today, just think carefully about the methods needed to solve each question. Once you have completed the paper, take a look at the videos that are linked below where Mr Perry will go through the answers for you. Video 1 was cut short so you will need to watch video 2 after.

Maths Lesson 1 Arithmetic – Question paper

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lio7Uc3LDr8 – Answers video 1

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4h8EVQosAfk – Answers video 2



For our sensational start this term, we were going to think about Earthquakes and how buildings withstand earthquakes. You can still do this at home. We would like you to watch the two videos in the links we’ve added. Take some ideas from each and then, using some junk at home – empty bottles, straws, paper cups, cereal boxes etc… make your own building. You could see how successful you’ve been at making an earthquake proof building by doing the shake test. We’d like to see pictures and videos of you making these.
Have fun!







Next, you are going to be planning your own recount of a day in the Christmas break. This could be Christmas Day itself, or another of your choosing. Just make sure you choose a day you have lots to talk about! For your plan, we would like you to use bullet points for each paragraph. Once you have finished your plan, keep it safe for tomorrow as you will be writing your recount then.



We will be looking at time in the upcoming lessons. To start, we want you to try and learn how many days there are in each month. To help you do this, watch these videos showing you the rhyme/song used as well as a handy trick!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drH3_Flt85g – Days in a month song

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGUR6mnJdV8 – Trick to help remember

Next, look at the Powerpoint attached below where Mrs Lynes will teach you how to solve a time conversion problem. Please remember to click on the sound icons for each slide.

Maths Lesson 2 Convert time


Religious Education:

Our topic in RE for this term is Humanism. Humanism is not actually a religion, they do not believe in a God. However, it is still important to learn about Humanists and their codes for living. Click on the link below to find Lesson 1 of this topic on Oak National Academy.






Yesterday, you planned your recount of a day in the Christmas break. Today, you will be writing your recount.

Look back at the example of a good recount given on Wednesday and look at the Powerpoint again. What features should you be including in your recount?

  • Fronted Adverbials
  • Subordinate Clauses (At the front and middle of a sentence)
  • Adjectives and adverbs
  • Punctuation
  • Conjunctions ( for example; and, but, so, because, when, if, although, until, despite, even though)

Once you have finished your recount, don’t forget to check for your capital letters and punctuation throughout. If possible, read your recount out loud to a family member!



Today, we are continuing to look at converting units of time. Look at the word document below – choose either Challenge 1, 2 or 3 and try to answer the conversion questions. At the top of the page, you will see a reminder from yesterday’s lesson.

Maths lesson 3 starter challenges

If you have found the first activity ok and are ready to move on, have a go at the problems attached below. If you are not confident on what we have done so far, spend some more time going over what we have done already.

Maths Lesson 3 Problems



Please follow the Oak National Academy on Timbre, which you may have looked at with Mr Rainer in class.



There is no expectation for you to submit your learning however, it would be useful if you could keep it all in a folder so you can hand it in when you return to school. If you have a piece of work you are particularly proud of, please send it in an email to Elynes@ccs.northants.sch.uk or Aperry@ccs.northants.sch.uk.

Happy learning!

Mrs Lynes & Mr Perry





Welcome Back


It was lovely to see the children this week and to hear all about what they have been up to over the holiday. We hope you had a great week and fitted in lots of fun before Thursday’s lockdown hit.

The children have settled in well again and we are continuing with our stringent hand washing, not being face to face or touching one another. If you could continue to remind the children at home this would be great.

The safest way of contacting us or passing on a message is by email. As infections rise, we are unable to speak closely with parents and an email is also private and confidential should the issue be delicate.

The children had great fun this week creating light pictures which are on our windows. We have attached some photos so you can see how fantastic they are. They are for our new learning theme ‘Light Fantastic’.

Homework will continue as normal with Maths being set on a Tuesday, spellings on a Wednesday and guided reading on your child’s guided reading day. Please read 5 times a week and record in the learning journals.

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Lynes and Mr Perry.

Week 7

It has been an extremely busy term so far and we are looking forward to next week’s activities.

In Maths we have been revisiting column addition and subtraction with exchanging and renaming and we have been ensuring that we can use our skills in reasoning and varied fluency problems. The children have worked extremely hard especially as it’s been a while since they addressed this area of maths in Year 3.

In English, we finished our class text “The Wreck of Zanizibar” and we have enjoyed drama activities linked to it such as freeze frames and conscience alley. We are using our learning from the drama to write an alternative opening from a different character’s point of view.  We have started to use our FANTASTICS to plan this piece of writing.

Food chains were explored in Science this week and the children used vocabulary such as predator, prey, primary consumer, secondary consumer and tertiary consumer to label their own.

Next week is an adapted Big Health and Happiness Week. We will still have our spelling test on Wednesday but will not set new spellings over half term. We will put a note in the children’s spelling books with their spelling task for the half term break. Maths homework next week and over half term will be a focus on times tables, again a note will be sent home with the children for clarification. Guided reading homework will be in their reading journal.

If you haven’t signed up for parents meetings (virtual) next Tues, Wed, Thurs, please contact the office to arrange an appointment. Timings will remain at 10 minutes per appointment and we will need to start and finish each meeting promptly to ensure that all parents get their allocated slot.

Children will need to be in their PE kits all week next week please. Any questions please contact us.

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Lynes and Mr Perry

Week 4

Wow, we can’t believe that we are at the end of the fourth week at school already. The children are working hard and getting into the swing of homework tasks.

As a reminder, maths homework is due on a Tuesday and Spellings are tested on a Wednesday.

The children thoroughly enjoyed bikeablity and hopefully you have seen their level 1 badges and certificates.

In Maths we have been reinforcing place value and will be introducing negative numbers next week. In English we have been enjoying drama and diary writing in ‘The Wreck of Zanibar’. We had outdoor learning time to produce freeze frames which reflected the story and the children’s predictions of what they thought would happen.


Now that the weather is turning, please could you ensure that the children have suitable clothing including a coat. We need to keep the classrooms ventilated and they can be a bit chilly.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Lynes and Mr Perry.

Week 3

Here we are at the start of week three already. The children are working very hard and have adapted to our ‘new normal’. We wanted to keep you updated on homework routines. From today, guided reading homework will be set on the day that your child has guided reading with their teacher. This is a rota and you can check in their reading journal to see which day this falls on. The expectation will be that the homework is completed by the following week’s session. Maths homework will be a short consolidation task, either on Purple Mash, Timestables Rockstars or a written piece. This will be given on a Tuesday and will be due back the following Tuesday. Spelling tests will be completed on a Wednesday and new words given either Wednesday or Thursday for the following week. Hopefully these routines will not be too dissimilar to those in year 3.


This is on Friday. Slips need to be returned to the office for your child to take part. Bikes need to be brought into the playground and lined up along the fence behind the play equipment which runs alongside the primary field. There will be adults to guide you.


4EL start swimming soon and a letter has gone out with the details of this. They will swim up to the December break. Any concerns please contact us.


I think that is it for now. Have a fantastic week.

Mrs Lynes and Mr Perry.



Welcome Back!

It was lovely to welcome the children back on Thursday and hear all about their lock down and holiday adventures. They have adapted extremely well to the new routines in place and show good understanding of hygiene measures. We are very proud of them all.

We had a fantastic time up in the Forest Schools area this afternoon on a food scavenger hunt. The children needed to solve the riddle to find the food. It was fantastic to see them all having fun together again!

Just for your information, we will be assessing the children next week in Reading, Writing and Maths to ascertain any gaps in learning straight away. This will enable us to plan their learning in a targeted and specific way. Because of this, there will be no homework set until week three when we will start spellings, maths and reading homework.  In the meantime, please continue to read five times a week from books they have at home, bug club books and their class read that they will bring home from Monday. Time tables need to be ongoing also.

Thank you for your support in this unusual return to school. Your patience has been greatly appreciated.

We wish you all a restful weekend.

Mrs Lynes and Mr Perry.

End of the year treat!

Here is a certificate for all the Year 4 children to celebrate their home learning. You have done an amazing job and all of the teachers are very proud of you. You have remained motivated and learnt so much in a completely new setting. Thank you to all the adults who have supported you. All the printing and their tips and tricks. It has been wonderful to see some of your work you have sent to us and Miss Turner has enjoyed hearing from most of you on the phone.


Have a wonderful summer and a good rest and we shall see you all in September when you become Year 5 students!


End of lockdown certificate


Miss Turner, Mrs Lynes and Mr Sumner

Summer Bingo!

Two (and a bit) days to go Year 4, until those summer holidays!

Here is a summer bingo challenge sheet for you to have a look at and perhaps take part in over the summer holidays. I’m sure you have done some of the things already over the lockdown period or something similar. But it is always fun to do things you enjoy again and again. There also might be something new for you to try! Have fun!

Holiday challenges