Home Learning- Thursday 14th January

Hello everyone,

Please find your home learning activities for Thursday below.


Have a look at the PowerPoint for today and try the worksheet and challenge. You should be able to press play on the second slide to hear some instructions before clicking through the answers.

If you are playing the PowerPoint on a a tablet or phone, you might want to download it first, rather than just pressing view.

The instructions for today’s challenge can be found on the PowerPoint. You may want to use the document below to create your challenge island.

Maths PPT W2 Lesson 3 Area of Irregular shapes

Maths W2 Lesson 3 Irregular shapes worksheet

Maths W2 Lesson 3 worksheet answers

Maths W2 Lesson 3 Irregular shapes Challenge Pirate Island

Did anyone spot Mrs Meredith’s mistake?


Please look at the PowerPoint for today which talks through today’s lesson and how to write an introduction to an explanation text.

English Thur 14.01 recap Explanation Texts and introductions

English Thur 14.01 Task 1 introduction missing

English Thur 14.01 Task 2 introduction missing

English Thur 14.01 Task 3 Introduction missing


Reading Thur 14.01.21

Reading additional FIRSTNEWS_758_watermarked

Reading additional FIRSTNEWS_759_watermarked



Please go through the PowerPoint below and have a go at the writing activity.

Thurs 14.1.21 Spanish – personality adjectives (1)


Mrs Millican has sent us a link to some extra activities to support you with your learning if you would like it. https://padlet.com/mrs_millican/o0k1zkew3x7whvzh


We are excited to meet you all virtually tomorrow (Friday) morning.

If you have any questions about today’s activities, please drop us an email.

Home Learning – Wednesday 13th January

Hello everyone,

Please find the activities for Wednesday’s home learning below.


Read Chapter 2 of Cosmic. If you click on the link below, you will find a PPT with a recording of each Chapter 1-3.


Some extra reading resources:

Reading additional FIRSTNEWS_758_watermarked

Reading additional FIRSTNEWS_759_watermarked


Read through the Powerpoint and try the worksheets/challenges. There is also a link on the second slide to a BBC site with more information/activities.

Maths PPT W2 Lesson 2 Area of Compound shapes

Maths Starter W2 Lesson 2 Compound Shape

Maths Week 2 Lesson 2 worksheet and Challenge

Maths Lesson 2 Answers

Arithmetic: Practise TT rockstars.


Take a look at the Powerpoint about planets, then fill in the worksheet with facts about them. You can use other websites, books from home and other sources to get more information. There is some useful videos and information on BBC Bitesize.  https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zdrrd2p/articles/ztsqj6f

Science W2 PPT Planets

Science W2 Planets

Don’t forget Joe Wicks has another PE session today at 9am.

Mrs Millican has sent us a link to some extra activities to support you with your learning if you would like it. https://padlet.com/mrs_millican/o0k1zkew3x7whvzh

If there is anything we can help with, please ask.

Have a good day.

Home Learning – Tuesday 12th January

Hello everybody,

Please find the schedule for Tuesday’s learning below.


MyMaths activities set online.

Alternatively, have a look at these resources:

Maths PPT Term 3 W2 Lesson 1 Area

Maths T3 W2 Lesson 1 Area Worksheet

Maths Lesson 1 Worksheet answers

Maths Week 2 Lesson 1 Challenge

Mrs Meredith talks you through today’s PowerPoint above.


Choose three of the texts below and study their introductions.

English explanation text Alien eggs

English explanation text Chicken

English explanation text cyclones

English explanation text volcanoes

English explanation text water cycle

Fill in the worksheet below with the features that you have found.

English Tues 12.01.21 table for introductions



Reading Tues 12.01.21

Reading additional FIRSTNEWS_758_watermarked

Reading additional FIRSTNEWS_759_watermarked


Use any other time in the afternoon to finish work from yesterday/ last week.

You might want to try PE with Joe Wicks on his You Tube channel from yesterday if you haven’t done so already. Also, CBBC is exploring the ‘Power of Yet’ at 10:45am.

Try this quick quiz:


Have a good day.

Home learning Monday 11th January

Hello everyone,

We hope you have had a good start to your online learning.

We will be continuing with the blog format for Monday 11th January. Please find the work set below in this post.

We plan to switch over to Microsoft Teams at some point next week or the start of the week following, provided that everything is running smoothly. Microsoft Teams is a workspace and communication program that all pupils will have access to via an internet browser, using a school login/password which will be communicated to parents next week. We will also be sharing guidance with you to show you exactly what it will look like, how it will work and what the expectations are.

Please find the work for Monday 11th January below.

We are aware that there have been some issues with accessing bug club via an iPad – please visit the link below for support with this.



Listen to the recorded PowerPoint presentation which outlines the features you will be finding and writing in the table in the document ‘English Explanation Features to find’.
1) You have several explanation tests to read. You can choose which you read, and how many, but make sure it is the right level of challenge for you:
2) Fill in the table by writing down the different features you find off the list in the table.

Remember to write the name of each text in the box at the top.

Learn about this week’s spelling rule: (Includes a list and instructions for tesing)
Extra resources:


TT rockstars practise


Take a look at these resources and choose a historical figure to research.

Theme History Famous flying pioneers to research

Theme History Useful websites about Space travel


As always, please let us know of any issues or questions that you have.





Mrs Langridge, Mrs Meredith and Mr Sumner

Home Learning Friday 8th January

Happy Friday!

Below are your activities for today.

My Maths Activity- Division MyMaths

If you would prefer alternative/ extra resources on multiplication, please see below.

Lesson 3 Division

Lesson 3 worksheet

Lesson 3 worksheet answers

Lesson 3 Challenge

Lesson 3 Challenge answers



Fri 8th Jan Reading

Fri 8th Jan Writing



Dia de Reyes 7.1.21


If the links don’t work on the first click, right click them and select “open in new tab” or “save link as…”


Home Learning Thursday 7.1.21

Good Morning

We hope you all got on well yesterday. It is great to see that lots of you have completed work on MyMaths and Bugclub.

Your activities for today are listed below.


My Maths Activity- Short and Long Multiplication. MyMaths – Bringing maths alive

Please make sure you complete the lesson first so you have all the knowledge you need to complete the homework task.

If you would like to have another go at any homework task to score a higher percentage you can go to your Scores Tab, click on the activity and either Try the lesson or Try the Homework again.

If you would prefer alternative/ extra resources on multiplication, please see below.

Lesson 2 Short and Long Multiplication

Lesson 2 worksheet

Lesson 2 worksheet answers

Lesson 2 Challenge

Lesson 2 Challenge answers



Click on these links to take you to extracts of books by Frank Cottrell-Boyce.

Click on the ‘Look inside’ tab to find the extracts to read.

Read at least a few pages of each of the books.

  1. https://clubs-kids.scholastic.co.uk/products/88548
  2. https://clubs-kids.scholastic.co.uk/products/69891
  3. https://clubs-kids.scholastic.co.uk/products/91440
  4. https://clubs-kids.scholastic.co.uk/products/85789

Which ones did you enjoy and why?



Thurs 7th Jan Writing



Log on to Purple Mash and click on 2connect in computing. You may have this set as a 2Do already.

We would like you use this tool to show us what you already know about Space. An example and simple instructions can be found on the PowerPoint below. Don’t forget to save your work. If you are having trouble saving your work, you could print screen and save it somewhere safe.

Computing Term 3 Week 1


Don’t forget to save your writing somewhere safe and we look forward to seeing your results on MyMaths.


If the links do not work on the first click, try right-clicking the link and pressing “open in new tab” or “save link as…”; this should download the files.


If there are any problems, please drop us an email.

Stay safe,

Mrs Meredith, Mr Sumner and Mrs Langridge


Welcome to Term 3

Hello everyone, Happy New Year to you all and welcome to Term 3.

Welcome back 5CMEL

Welcome back 5CS

Unfortunately, this term won’t look quite the same as the last, and although some of you may be attending school, all of you will be accessing learning that will be posted online.

We hope to be able to see you all again soon, but until then there are many exciting things that we will have to work on.

For this week, we will be using the blog as we did in the spring and summer terms of last year, with the hope of moving to Microsoft teams for next week. You all worked fantastically well on your online learning last time, so we have no doubt you will give it your best effort this time too.

Underneath, you will find activities for tomorrow (Wednesday).

This week in Maths, we will be recapping some learning from before Christmas involving multiplication and division for this week, and in English and our theme learning we will be introducing new topics.



MyMaths activity (due in next week) at https://login.mymaths.co.uk/login

(Logins for Year 5 should be stuck in reading journals.)


If MyMaths is inaccessible or you would like extra/alternative resources, please see below.

Lesson 1 Mulitplication and Division

Lesson 1 -crack-the-code-with-factors-multiples-squares-and-cube-numbers-activity-sheet

Lesson 1 Challenge

Lesson 1 Challenge answers- There is more than 1 possibility


English – Reading

Reading Wed 6th Jan

Please log onto Bug Club and answer, as accurately as you can, the questions that you come across.
Parents, please let us know if you require any more books.


We would like you to research the author for or new class text – Frank Cottrell-Boyce. Present any information you can find in a creative and informative way.



Look at the Presentation (and youtube link if you would like some more explanation). Use the evidence cards and written activity sheet when the presentation prompts you to do so.

Lesson Presentation Spherical Bodies v2

Activity Sheet Shape of the Earth Evidence Cards – Editable

Activity Sheet Scientific Ideas and Evidence – Editable (1 star, 2 stars, 3 stars. Choose your difficulty and complete)


You won’t have to send anything to us this week, however we do ask that you keep hold of your work as we may need to revisit it later.


Mr Sumner, Mrs Langridge and Mrs Meredith

Term 2 Week 5

Good evening all,

Our assessments have now finished, and the children have worked very hard in getting these done. Well done to them!

In the run-up to Christmas, we will be continuing with multiplication and division in Maths, and our Writing will continue with work on poetry, focussing in particular on “The Highwayman” by Alfred Noyes.

This weeks homework, in addition to regular reading, TT rockstars and spelling practise:

SPaG mat (number 6)

Multiplication worksheet


Have a great weekend,

Mr Sumner, Mrs Meredith and Mrs Langridge

Term 2 Week 3

Good evening,

Year 5 have been working extremely hard this week with their assessments so far! There will be a couple more next week to finish off, and of course lots of exciting things to continue with in our Writing, Maths and theme learning.

Also happening next week will be school photographs (Friday 27th). Remember to be looking especially presentable and in full school uniform.


Homework for this week:

GPS worksheet (Due Friday)

Purple mash activities – multiplication (Due Friday)

TT Rockstars practise

Spelling practise (Test on Monday)

Reading 5 times during the week (any book)


Have a great weekend,


Mr Sumner, Mrs Meredith and Mrs Langridge