Term 2 Week 7

A great end to the term for Year 6 this week!  We had lots of festive activities taking place from a Christmas quiz afternoon to watching the Foundation Stage Nativity to making Christmas cards!  We’ve all had a great time!

We also finished our theme learning on The Enchanted East with a fabulous finish!  We completed a Design Technology project on structures.  Pupils were tasked with building a tower to withstand a tsunami; however, they could only use art straws and A4 paper.  We investigated ways to make paper strong by using different folding techniques and shapes before pupils worked in groups to make their design plan.  They then busily set to work following their design plan to make their tower.  Next followed the testing stage where we tested for strength, stability and height.  We finished with the evaluation saying how we would improve our designs following the testing results.

There is no set home learning to be completed over the Christmas break.  We would like the children to relax and enjoy some quality time with their families.  If pupils would like to do some work then they can access spelling activities via Spelling Shed, reading books via Bug Club and times table practise via Times Table Rock Stars!

We would also like to say a really big thank you for all the wonderful cards and gifts from the pupils and families of the Year 6 pupils – it is extremely kind of you!


Mrs McNair & Mrs Murphy

Term 2 Week 6

It was Christmas Jumper day today and the Year 6 pupils came into school looking very festive!  We had fantastic jumpers and Christmas outfits as well as hats and headbands galore.  Well done to everyone!  A brilliant amount of £1157.55 has been raised so far for charity – thank you so much for all your donations!

Year 6 have also taken part in the Christmas Decoration House Competition.  They had great fun designing their decorations whilst listening to Christmas music.  Here are some of the brilliant designs.  Pupils will be bringing their decorations home for you to put on your trees!

Even though we have been having lots of festive fun this week, we have also continued with our learning.

In English we have been studying the poem ‘The Christmas Truce’ by Carol Ann Duffy.  Pupils studied the poem carefully to identify the different language features within the poem before collecting ideas and writing their own poem.  Pupils have been very creative and used some superb similes, metaphors and examples of alliteration and personification in their poems.

In Science, we completed an investigation into the effect of exercise on our bodies.  Pupils attempted several activities before taking their pulse rate.  They recorded their results in a table before using the information to make a bar chart.  Pupils also thought carefully about what needs to be included in a conclusion.  They then wrote their own conclusions for the investigation.

Home Learning

  • Teams – reading comprehension ‘The Christmas Truce’
  • Teams – maths arithmetic quiz 6
  • Arithmetic questions – paper based
  • Spelling – rule: -ibly/-ably (Use Spelling Shed)
  • Reading – at least 5x reading recorded in reading journals

6SM also have a My Maths trial to have a go at.  The My Maths work can be accessed through the link on the assignments page of Teams.  This trial is to ensure the class can access the programme before we begin using the My Maths programme for all our maths home learning in Term 3 after Christmas.  Pupils have been provided with their log in details and parents will be receiving a letter explaining this new programme.  If there are any problems, please let Mrs McNair know.

Hope you enjoy the weekend!

Mrs McNair & Mrs Murphy


Term 2 Week 5

Year 6 completed their newspaper reports this week.  They finished drafting before editing & improving their work.  Then the task of producing a professional-looking report began.  Pupils used the computers to type up their report and present their final piece.  We think they look great!

Pupils have also started an independent project as part of their theme learning on China & Japan.  They are completing their own research and also using our HPL skills to present their own project on areas they are interested in.  These include food, sport, education and fashion.  Take a look at the HPL skills we will be developing during this project:

Online Safety

Please take a little time to have a look through the document below.  It is a guide for parents regarding online safety. The guide is aimed at teens; however, it would also be quite appropriate for Upper Key Stage 2.

Home Learning

  • TEAMS – maths arithmetic quiz
  • TEAMS – reading comprehension ‘The History of Santa Claus’
  • Maths arithmetic – paper based arithmetic questions to complete
  • Spelling – ible & able rule (Spelling Shed)
  • Reading – 5x independent reading recorded in reading journals

Have a good weekend!

Mrs McNair & Mrs Murphy

Term 2 Week 4

Year 6 have had a calming week in school this week.  We have been continuing with our RE work on Buddhism finding out about Nirvana Day.  Pupils enjoyed colouring Mandala patterns as they listened to calming music.

We have also continued with our new PSHE scheme – Jigsaw.  Pupils enjoyed the well-being calming activity before we started to think about how being different could affect someone’s life.  Year 6 pupils were keen to discuss their ideas and opinions as well as listening to the views of others.

Our newspaper reports are now completed in draft and pupils have been busy editing and improving their writing.  Next week we will be using the computers to present the final versions of our reports.  We will post some of our work here on the blog next week!

After our recent assessments we are having a shuffle of seating arrangements in Year 6 for our maths lessons.  This is to provide pupils with the right level of support to help them in their maths learning.  Some pupils may be moving into a different maths group as we have a fluid grouping system in Year 6.  These are reviewed at every assessment point.

Home Learning

  • TEAMS – maths quiz
  • TEAMS – reading comprehension -Greta Thunberg
  • Maths arithmetic – paper based questions to complete
  • Spelling – ent/ence rule (Games set on Spelling Shed)
  • Reading – 5x independent reading recorded in journals.

Have a good weekend!

Mrs McNair & Mrs Murphy


Term 2 Week 3

It has been assessment week in Year 6 this week and the pupils have worked really well and applied themselves whole-heartedly to each test.  We hope to share the results with the class over the next few weeks. Well done Year 6!

We also completed our PSHE work on ‘Here We Are’.  We produced some celebratory work to share in our celebration assembly with primary phrase.  This included poems, brainstorms and videos where we did the voice over!  Here are some examples of the work we will be sharing.

Click on these links to watch some of our videos:







This week we also started our new PSHE learning using the Jigsaw scheme.  Year 6 all enjoyed the mindfulness section of the lesson ‘Calm me’.

Thank you to all the Year 6 pupils and parents for completing the home learning using the MS Teams platform.  Thank you also for your patience and understanding with the technical issues.  We hope to have these sorted out and things running smoothly as soon as possible.

Home Learning

  • TEAMS – reading comprehension – Marcus Rashford
  • TEAMS – arithmetic maths quiz
  • Arithmetic questions – paper based
  • Spellings – use of online programme ‘Spelling Shed’ to revise rule: ant & ancy
  • Reading – at least 5 x per week recorded in journals

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs McNair & Mrs Murphy


Term 2 Week 2

Pupils have been busy working away on their learning this week!

In English we have looked at the features of newspaper reports and planned our own newspaper report about the rescue of Michael from Kensuke’s Kingdom.  Pupils then began to draft their reports starting with their orientation which included the 5Ws.  Within our newspaper reports we are trying to include some examples of idioms.  We played a great ‘catchphrase’ style game to think about the idioms we use in our everyday lives.  Here are a few for you to try to guess – can you work out the hidden idiom?

Our maths learning has continued to develop our arithmetic skills.  Mrs Murphy’s group have been working on long division whilst Mrs McNair’s group have been working on long multiplication.  Pupils are becoming quick and accurate with their written methods in these areas – well done Year 6!

Our computing work this week focused on the use of MS Teams.  All pupils are now able to access MS Teams and know their username and password.  They have completed a reading comprehension assignment and a maths quiz assignment and know how to access assignments, complete assignments and hand work in.  Our Year 6 home learning this week will be a combination of Teams on-line work and paper based work.  We know that there may be some teething problems with using MS Teams and we are committed to working with you in partnership to solve these problems.  Just let us know about any issues and we will seek advice from computer experts within school on how these can be solved!

Home Learning

  • MS Teams – reading comprehension ‘Remembrance Day’
  • MS Teams – maths arithmetic Quiz 2
  • Maths arithmetic – paper based homework to complete
  • Reading – at least 5x per week recorded in reading journals
  • Spelling – use of Spelling Shed to practise the -cial/ -tial rule

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs McNair & Mrs Murphy

Term 2 Week 1

Welcome back!

It has been a fantastic first week back for the Year 6 pupils!  We had a brilliant day on Tuesday as we completed our Marvellous Middle for our learning theme:  The Enchanted East.  The learning took a history twist as we found out more about the Terracotta Warriors.  We watched videos and conducted some research into the warriors.

Did you know?

The Terracotta Army is a collection of sculptures depicting the armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China. It was built with the purpose of protecting the emperor in his afterlife.

Pupils then developed their creativity – linking to our High Performance Learning skills – by creating their own warrior out of clay.  Pupils had great fun moulding and shaping the clay into their own warrior.

In English we completed several grammar lessons on conjunctions and speech to prepare for our next piece of writing – a newspaper report!  Watch this space!

Our maths learning has a calculation focus at the moment and we are securing our written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Pupils are working well and their arithmetic skills are improving every day!

Home Learning

  • Reading comprehension – Bonfire Night
  • Maths – arithmetic work
  • Spelling – ious/ cious rule
  • Independent reading – 5x per week recorded in journals

Next week we are hoping to introduce the Year 6 pupils to the platform ‘Teams’.  We will be showing pupils how to access their Teams accounts in order to view, complete and hand in assignments.  This will then lead to pupils completing some of their weekly homework on Teams.  This will feed into our primary provision for home learning if it is required in the future.  More information will follow.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs McNair & Mrs Murphy

Term 1 Week 8

What a fantastic end to Term 1!  Year 6 pupils had a brilliant BIG HEALTH & HAPPINESS WEEK with lots of fun activities linked to health and well-being.  Pupils worked on all the class challenges throughout the week.  Activities included:

  • Self-esteem spinners
  • Headspace meditation
  • Class positive thoughts jar
  • Mindfulness colouring
  • Nature walk
  • General knowledge quiz
  • Brian exercises
  • Learning to play the glockenspiel
  • Origami
  • Watching a favourite movie

You can continue with the home challenges for Big Health & Happiness Week over half term.  This will replace the usual Year 6 home learning.  Have fun completing the challenges – let us know how you are getting on my sending us an update or photos by email.



Y6 BHHW challenges (1)

Have a fantastic half term!

Mrs McNair & Mrs Murphy

Term 1 Week 7

Grammar work this week has focused on the use of the colon and the semi-colon.  We looked at how to use them within lists and also to mark the boundary between independent clauses.  We listened to a very annoying song to help us remember how to use them correctly:

Pupils have been trying to included these two punctuation marks in their independent writing.  Now that we have finished our class novel ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ we are writing a character portrait of Kensuke within a letter.

We have been continuing our maths lessons by developing our written methods for calculation.  We have been working on our arithmetic skills and using the Plickers app to play quizzes to help learn in a fun way!

Next week is the last week of Term 1 and we have a great week planned for BIG HEALTH & HAPPINESS WEEK.  Although it will be a little different from usual, we have lots of well being activities planned throughout the week.  The pupils will be set a class challenge to complete by the end of the week and also a home challenge which will replace the homework activities that we usually set.  It would be great to see the whole family joining in with the home challenges – let us know how you get on by sending some photos to us via email!

A reminder that pupils should attend school every day next week in their PE kits and bring a change of shoes for indoors.

Home Learning

  • Reading comprehension – Shirley Chisholm (linked to Black Lives Matter)
  • Spelling – homophones 4
  • Maths – arithmetic work
  • Reading – 5 x per week recorded in reading journals

Have a lovely weekend!  We are really looking forward to meeting parents next week to talk about the wonderful Year 6 pupils during our parents’ evenings!

Mrs McNair & Mrs Murphy