Final days

Hello Everyone!

So, we are almost on the way home…

Thursday was another great day’s skiing for all. Including a very imaginative two person crash by Cameron and Dan. Thursday night saw another enormous dinner at Smokin Moe’s with industrial sized portions of barbecued meat followed by a fairly full-blooded dodgeball game that unfortunately produced injuries for Jess K and Mr Walker. It was very tightly contested (plus exceedingly difficult to referee!) and special mentions must go to Jess K – who dodged like politician in a press conference – and to Ashley Scott, who won the decider for his team (including Tom Wood and Dimitri Sidlovskis) with a dramatic ‘2v1 clutch play’ (I hope I got the term right there Ashley?).

Friday was a fun day for most (although the top group really missed their normal instructor ‘powder man Pat’) and it was lovely to see Jess T finally looking better and getting out for the day. After a full day’s skiing the kids got down to the serious business of shopping at the enormous Cherry Creek Mall. Hopefully there are even some presents amongst the armfuls of ‘stuff’! We are staying tonight in the Holiday Inn and we fly back tomorrow, the kids seem excited to get home.

Here’s a few photos from the top of the mountain, hopefully the many photos and videos the kids have taken can be shared once we’re back so you can all see more of the trip. Your children have been utterly fantastic and we have really enjoyed taking them away for a great time here in Colorado. Many thanks, Mr U.


Hello all! Sorry this has been delayed and it will be short as technical issues have meant this is about the third blog I’ve written since the last one but none have published.

The kids are having a great time and making fantastic progress: some groups have done trees, moguls, jumps and rails. I have a great video compilation by Jonah of some of his group’s crashes, but it refuses to upload to the blog unfortunately.

We went to the cinema last night where unfortunately the general consensus was the films weren’t great – I can’t massively comment since I slept through most of the film I ‘watched’ to just occasionally be woken up by gun shots and screaming.

The previous night a brave few of us went to the pool – which was amazing actually with a lazy river, steam and sauna rooms, a slide, a hot tub and basketball board. Most were too tired from skiing.

Here’s a couple more photos – us all ready for the first morning’s lessons and our dinner on the third night with the most adorable puppy you’ll ever see.

Technical issues, breakfasts, bowling and injuries…


We have been having technical issues with the blog – Sunday’s post not only didn’t publish, it also disappeared. So I’m rewriting it and hopefully you’ll get to see it this time…

Breakfast: the breakfasts here are pretty amazing with everything from tortillas, bagels, muffins, eggs, sausages, cereal, unlimited juice, coffee and hot chocolate… and make your own waffles!

Here’s some pics:

Unfortunately, Sunday – our first day on the slopes – saw a few casualties: poor Jess T has come down with a nasty flu, Ollie H has strained his calf, and Tom W had his leg skiied over by another member of our group: providing the most gruesome but least debilitating injury of the day – unlike the others after some stitches he was back out skiing today. Tom and his parents were happy to share his war wound so here’s a picture of it pre being stitched up – warning, do not look if you’re squeamish.

In fact, Tom was so unaffected by this that he high scored at bowling that night with 135. I did not. Mrs Husband was, in fact, gleeful that I came last in the teacher game – it would not be an exaggeration to say she positively cackled at my expense…

Today, Monday the snow was even better, the resort was quieter (with weekenders having headed back to Denver) and we no-one visit the medical centre. Hooray!

On the road again…

And we’re off!

After a very smooth coach journey, where no children were subjected to ‘teacher music’, we arrived at Gatwick ahead of schedule.

Here’s a photo of the quietest coach in the country:

Check-in and security were a breeze. It also only took us four or five attempts to pull off a smooth, problem-free ‘number register’ – which was slightly less impressive than the airport security in fairness, but the group seemed to think they were making progress. Everyone had an hour to relax before we then met up again for a group photo and to find out the boarding gate. Only two children managed to lose (and find) their passports in that hour – so it was a relative success!

Here’s the group in the airport:

Before boarding, Mr Ullmann said a prayer for the North London Derby and a righteous Arsenal victory, then we boarded. As I write now we are awaiting take-off… Here’s to a smooth flight and an Aubameyang hatrick…

….However, Arsenal weren’t so lucky… BUT we landed to loads of snow and everything has gone smoothly; here’s a couple more photos and we are now safely at the hotel! Hooray!

Ladies and Gentlemen start your engines!

At last, the big day is here! We meet at CCS car park at 3.45am for a 4am departure… so you should already be asleep!


The snow in Winter Park looks great; check out the in resort cameras for live feeds:

Final reminders for the morning:


– Any visas or green cards

– Any medical forms and medicines

– Charger and money

– A 20kg or less suitcase and a 10kg or less piece of hand-luggage

See you in the ‘morning’!

Mr U