Stay and Play

Reminder:  Stay and Play 10am-11am Monday to Thursday.

All families have been booked onto our ‘Stay and Play’ visits next week.  If you have misplaced your invite and can’t remember your day please ask a member of staff.  Younger siblings are welcome to attend but please ensure they are fully supervised as we have equipment out for children 4+ and therefore not suitable for toddlers.

This time is for you to learn more about your child at school.  Please explore all areas with them and allow them to show you around.  If you have any questions please ask a member of the FS team, we will be happy to help.

Please keep in mind that this is not a time to discuss concerns or get a progress update.  Parent’s evening is in the first week after half term.

We look forward to seeing you,

FS Team

Autumn Explorers

Now Autumn is here there is lots to explore!

Over the weekend and coming weeks please can you explore the changing colour of leaves and the difference in the weather and environment around us.  If you can please collect and bring in conkers, leaves, sticks etc for the children to explore.

Over the next few weeks we will be learning more about Autumn and creating artwork with what is bought in.  We will be going on nature walks around the school ground to see the changing landscape.

Kind Regards

Foundation Stage Team

Great Progress

We are all very proud of how well the children are coming into school independently and getting used to whole days at school.

Next week the children will be getting changed for PE on Monday and Tuesday.  Please practise letting your child dress and undress themselves at home to make them more independent.  All earrings and jewellery must be removed at home for PE days.  Children with earrings in will not be able to take part in PE for Health and Safety reasons.

Children are getting used to the dining room and eating well.  It is important for children to know how to feed themselves and use a knife and fork.  If you still feed your child, please can you show them to use a knife and fork and teach them to feed themselves.  If your child is not eating the school hot dinners you might like to think about sending a packed lunch to ensure they are eating in the day.  You can always try hot dinners again another time or select certain ones within a week taht you know your child will enjoy.

Please ensure you have completed and returned all Forest School letters and the LRC (library) agreement as soon as possible.  These were in your welcome pack which you received in July.

All the letters have also gone out about our workshops.  We strongly urge all parents to attend these, as they will help with your child’s education.  These are for adults and there is a lot of information to take in, therefore we politely ask that you arrange childcare if you are planning to attend.

Kind Regards,

FS Team


Just to ensure all parents are aware of staffing in Foundation Stage;

Mrs Lapworth and Mrs McCormack are the Foundation Stage Leaders and work on different days so the whole week is covered.

In RCLMR- Mrs Rosam works Mondays and Wednesdays.  Mrs Lapworth works Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

In RRKAM- Mrs McCormack works Mondays and Wednesdays.  Mrs Kelly works Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

When we start doing PE later in the term this will be on Monday and Tuesday mornings for both classes.

We will soon start to visit the LRC- Library.  Class RRKAM will go on a Tuesday and Class RCLMR will go on a Wednesday.

Kind Regards,

Foundation Stage Team


Week Beginning 16th September 2019

The children have all enjoyed their first week at school and we are looking forward to seeing them for their second.

If your child feels confident enough to come in by themselves in the morning, please encourage this to minimise business in the classrooms.

The children will all be staying for lunch and have all visited the dining room today to see where they will be eating and what they need to do.  When you collect your child after lunch please come via the office as the playground will be in use.

The children are getting to know each other and learning to share and take turns.  We will be introducing the SMART Charter to the children over the week through stories, puppets and role play.

Kind Regards

Foundation Stage Team

First week in school

We have been very impressed with how smart all the new children have been at school so far and looking forward to meeting the final few tomorrow.

It does get busy in these first few days so as soon as your child is sitting with a book please say your ‘goodbyes’ to avoid crowding.


Just to make you aware that no children are allowed on the climbing equipment in the playground before school hours or after being collected at the end of their school day.  We thank you for your co operation in this matter.

Kind Regards,

Foundation Stage Team

Welcome to CCS!

All the Foundation Stage Team would like to welcome you and your family to Caroline Chisholm School.  We have a busy week of home visits and are looking forward to seeing all the children again.

Please use your home visit time to ask any questions, it is a great opportunity to check any queries you have.

We do ask that PE bags arrive at school from week 1 as although we don’t start PE straight away, it is useful to have a change of clothes at school for your child.  The full PE kit requirement can be found in the ‘Welcome booklet’ within your packs.

This blog is updated weekly, it is the easiest way to give you any updates.  Please check regularly to learn more about what your child is learning at school and important key messages.

Kind Regards,

The Foundation Stage Team