Back in England. Still on Eurostar, but still on schedule. Won’t be able to update the blog on the coach, so that’s it from the Lyon blog; it’s been an unforgettable experience. Au revoir! 🥐🇫🇷👋😄

Friday Food!

And so the end is near! Morning time we explored the Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse (known as ‘The Belly of Lyon’) a market with a range of super cuisine, showing us why this city is world famous for its gastronomy.

Mrs Balfour’s infamous ‘Trolley Story’ (ask one of the children)

‘Musee Gallo-Romain’ to sample some Lyonnaise history (and to dress up as Romans)

NOW ONWARDS TO NORTHAMPTONSHIRE! (Changing at Lille and St Pancras)

Lyon Day 3!

Such a packed day yesterday (see the many pictures below): a tour of La Mason de Canuts, where we learned about the laborious art of weaving and why Kings and Queens from around the world desired silk luxury from this City; a gorgeous sun-soaked river trip; picnic and play time at Le Parc de la Tete D’Or’ ; then the marvellous Mini World Lyon (where we all felt like giants); and finally stuffing our faces at The Hard Rock Cafe. Today = Theme Park Time!

The Fantastic French School Experience

Today was the visit to our partner school in Louhans ‘LEAP de Bresse’. Our arrival caused such a ‘frisson’ amongst the French pupils that we thought we’d been mistaken for visiting celebrities. We felt incredibly welcome; the older students even presented a short assembly conducted in English. After a tour and hearty lunch the children engaged in a variety of great activities with their French counterparts, including pétanque, orienteering, French cooking and The Handball World Cup (see pictures).

They also had a chance to attempt conversations. There was some delightful cross-channel interaction, with bonding occurring over a number of topics, including football, dance moves and ‘Fortnite’ (spellcheck does NOT like that last word; it’s obviously as perplexed as us adults about it). A warm farewell to our new French friends and then back on the road!

Evening meal was a delicious ‘savoury then sweet’ Crepe combination. Back at the hotel a super fun quiz competition brought the curtain down on another day which was as well packed as a crepe au jambon!

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Sites, frites and football!

After a long journey, we arrived in Lyon and immediately headed for Le Vieux Lyon (Old Lyon). Thirty-eight (quite tired) students behaved impeccably, answering and asking questions on our guided tour of the stunning sites of this historical city. Highlights included ‘La Basilique’ and the hidden alleyways of ‘Les Traboules’. After checking into the hotel, a short rest was followed by a delicious meal (avec beaucoup de frites) at nearby ‘La Coueron’. Finally back to the hotel for the second half of the England match; Kane’s second goal ending a splendid day. Now for a good night’s sleep. Bonne Nuit! Zzzzzzz