Brief delay…

This is probably the final blog post of the Paris 2016 trip. We will be a few minutes later than hoped for due to an emergency loo stop. Our new ETA is just before 6.50.

We hope all parents are excited and ready for the volume of washing soon to be heading your way. 

Nearly home…

We are pleased to say that we are currently on the M1 and are not far off Milton Keynes. We should be on for about 6.35pm.

Back in the UK!

We are back in the UK. Currently we are still looking set to arrive just before 6.30pm.

Fingers crossed we miss too much of the London traffic.

Making good time…

The Euro Tunnel admissions were kind to us and we managed to board 2 hours before our allotted time. We are making good time and providing the London traffic is on our side we currently anticipate arrival at CCS for 18:30.

We wave goodbye to Paris!

After a wonderful week we are now set for the off!

We have departed an hour earlier than scheduled as everyone was packed and ready to go! we hope to get an earlier crossing so we may be back slightly earlier than planned but we will keep you updated as and when we can throughout the day. This is all traffic dependant as who knows what the M25 will be like on a Friday afternoon!

Day Four and Five

Day four and five

Day four was Disneyland and a chance for the kids to go full on Donald Duck crazy. Despite a few rides being shut we had an incredible day out. Mr Scott was forced to beat Mickey into submission in order to get the group into Hollwood Studios (but it was worth all the screaming and pain, on the part of Mickey) to be able to ride on the Tower of Terror. The evening ended with a return to Disneyland and a chance to make the most of the quieter queues and say hello to a few cartoon stars before the fireworks.

Day five was a slightly more relaxed with an easy morning around the hotel and a return to the incredible shopping facilities that Paris has to offer. The afternoon has involved tours around the Cathedrals of Paris. The amazing sights of the Sacre Coeur and Notre Dame, with artists, walks along the Seine and street performers. The evening ended with a coach tour around Paris to see the city at night.

Honorable mentions:

The Bargain hunter – Charlie who hit the shops with the unstoppable determination of a charging rhino
Usain Bolt – Geordan, Alex & Owen who stormed to victory in the race to the Cathedral
The catwalk award – this goes to the all of the year 9 girls who had more costume changes than Mrs Platt has had hot dinners
The Mad hatter – Ryan’s choice of headwear at Disney was memorable
Artists at work – Will & Ibrahim whose skills with a pencil impressed the staff

Day Three

Day three has been another memorable day (despite the awful Parisian traffic). Once we got into the city our morning was spent on a river cruise, getting a different view of Paris. No student was thrown overboard despite offers from Connor to demonstrate his swimming ability.

The afternoon was spent on more sightseeing and ended on top of Montpannasse tower. After repeated and high pitched screams from Mr Scott, everyone made it to the terrace to take in the incredible views of the cityscape from one of the highest points in Paris.

Honorable mentions from today:

  • Liftmaster – Alex who conquered his fear of lifts to travel up 56 floors
  • Survival expert – Izzy who has lived through 3 days away from home
  • Awesome enthusiasm – Joe who might have temporarily lost his wallet but never lost his smile
  • Master chef – Will & Jon who have tried everything once no matter what the flavour
  • Captain Hook – Charlotte for mastering the art of boating and now feels the call of the sea in her blood.
  • Artist in the making – Tiegan¬†for her impressive photography of both people and place.

Day Two

Day two began with a cracking breakfast. Omer, Freddie and Zaman attempted to eat their own body weight in pancakes and Pan au chocolat.

We headed into Paris for a walk around the Effiel tower and then onto the Louvre. Mrs. Wilkie led the charge to hunt out the Mona Lisa and after an hour or so spent admiring the art we headed out to discover more of Paris. A trip down the ‘champs Elysees’ took in all the major sites including Macc, Sephora and the Disney store with a final stop at the arc de triomphe. Charlie, Katie and Jasmine were all part of a minor stampede to the shops once free time was declared.

After hiking round the city for several hours the day has now finished with Apple pie and the chance to sit and watch England play Iceland. The sympathetic Frenchmen are of course cheering on England as we get to half time 2:1 down.

  • Nomination for best French accent goes to Ryan – an excellent turn of phrase in reception.
  • Nomination for most gallant gent goes to Jon – Mrs. Wilkie was very thankful.
  • Nomination for the sharpest poker player goes to Andrew
  • Nomination for snooker shark goes to Beth – she wiped out the competition without mercy