Back in the UK

We are back in the UK. Fortunately we managed to get an earlier crossing. Traffic permitting, we hope to back at school at 6:30. Please keep in touch with the blog, as we will update if anything changes.

Day 5 – Disney

We were treated to the Frozen soundtrack on the way to Disney, which I think some staff secretly enjoyed. Upon arrival students went off in their groups. Hyperspace mountain and Indiana Jones seemed popular amongst the thrill seekers. A lot of money was spent in the gift shops before a trip to the Hypermarket. An excellent quiz and awards ceremony to finish the evening. Apparently Faye Bubblé is a famous French fashion designer. Home tomorrow via a chocolatier. Please keep reading the blog for any changes to our planned arrival time of 8pm. We have all had a great week. The students have been a credit to you, ccs and themselves. Thank you for supporting the trip.

Day 4 – Père Lachaise, Les Invalides, Bateaux Mouches

The music took a turn for the worse with the introduction of the High School Musical soundtrack. Thankfully it improved as the day progressed. Our first visit was Père Lachaise cemetery where many famous people are buried. See if you can spot one of them below. We then completed a work study on the Second World War at Les Invalides before a visit to the sewers museum for a look at underground Paris and an escape from the heat. A walk past Notre Dame cathedral and the Pompidou Centre was followed by a beautiful sunset river cruise along the Seine, where the locals got to know CCS. It’s fair to say we’ve done Paris. Don’t stop believin’ at full voice on the way home. Disney tomorrow. The excitement builds….

Day 3 – Versailles et La Tour Eiffel

Another excellent day started with one of Paris’ famous traffic jams. However, spirits remained high with a much better rendition of ‘Don’t stop believin’ and ‘That’s what makes you beautiful’. First stop Versailles for a work study and a look at the palace. Back into Paris for a visit to Palais de la Découverte and an insight into the world of science and nature. Finally an ascent of the Eiffel Tower – a real highlight. Students have been excellent. Thank you for the comments. They have been well received. Keep them coming and enjoy the photos.


Currently at Versailles market. If you would like any messages read to your child or you just want to embarrass them, please use the comments section. They will not appear on the website.

Day 2 – Stade de France, Sacré Cœur, Orangerie, Arc

The day started with our guide asking ‘Can anyone name an impressionist painter beginning with M?’ ‘Mozart’ was the response. We had some work to do. First stop was the Stade de France where students had the opportunity to walk out of the tunnel. This was followed by lunch by the Sacré Cœur and a lovely walk through the Place du Tertre where some students had their portraits done. Next stop L’Orangerie – a museum full of famous works of art, where students finally learnt that it was Monet and co that created the artworks. Last stop Arc de Triomphe for some panoramic views of Paris. A long day but students did themselves proud. 

6 days to go!

I am delighted to announce that Ms J Chamberlain will be joining us for the trip. Ms Chamberlain is an experienced member of staff who has both organised and attended residential trips abroad previously. A reminder that when you arrive on Sunday:

  • Hand your passport and EHIC card to Mrs Starr
  • Money to Mr Dallas
  • Boys’ medication to Mr Scott (please label any medication with name and dosage)
  • Girls medication to Ms Chamberlain (please label any medication with name and dosage)

Please remember to bring a packed lunch/drink for the coach and any pounds for services, as well as something to keep you occupied for the journey. No phones or devices that can be connected to the internet unless you have returned the permission slip. Lastly with luggage, please just bring a reasonably sized case/holdall and a small ruck sack/school bag for day trips. All suitcases must fit under the coach. So, nothing too big please! We look forward to seeing you all bright and early at 6am on Sunday 2nd July.