Welcome Back To School Everyone!

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The new school year is well under way and our new Reception children are now staying for lunch. This year, we  are pleased to welcome Mrs Lynes who is our Lower Key Stage Two  Leader and teaching in Year 3 and Miss Page who is our subject leader for Mathematics and Science and teaching in the Year 6 Team.  Mr Wood has joined us as our new  PE and Sports  Provision Leader and the sporting calendar is now picking up speed.

Everyone is looking smart in their new school uniforms but already we have collected many items of brand new lost property that  has not been named. Please ensure every item is clearly named, especially sweatshirts, cardigans and coats.

Please check the calendar of events tab for up and coming activities and autumn term parents’ evening dates. You can find out all about what your child is learning this term reading your year group’s  Curriculum Matters Newsletters.


Our school values


This term we are focusing on the value of commitment. Commitment is the quality of being dedicated to something such as a person, challenge or a cause. This may take the form of a long term pledge, promise or obligation. It is about reliability and responsibility in doing what you say you are going to do and following through.


It requires personal investment, trust and sacrifice. It is a value and character trait that should be high on anyone’s priority list. It is about ‘stickability’ through ups and downs and is essential if our children are going to find their passions, follow their dreams and goals and overcome set-backs and barriers in their lives.