Thank you all!!!

Ski 2016 is done and dusted and what a fantastic week it was. The behaviour and attitude of the students was absolutely superb; they were a credit to the school and to their parents. Interski staff, the coach drivers, the ski instructors  the hotel staff and of course the CCS staff all made positive comments to me throughout the week praising the polite nature of our students, their perseverance when faced with challenging conditions and their exceptionally impressive progress within ski lessons. Thank you Year 10’s…….every single one of you were a pleasure to spend a week with! (I’ll let your Assistant Principal know how pleased I was with you; he’ll be chuffed!)

There is always the possibility of injuries occurring in any sports trip, particularly skiing,  however all injuries / ailments were minor with only the one visit to the medical centre required. Certainly a successful week as far as safety on the slopes is concerned and a reflection of the ability of our students to acquire a new skill / further develop an existing skill.

A big thank you to Mrs Chamberlain for her efficient administration support in the run up to the trip as well as for her support of students who required TLC during the week. The staff accompanying the students on the trip (Mr Melling, Miss Wright and Mr Chamberlain) helped to keep up the spirits of all students and Mr Colman, as fatigue started to set in! Thank you all!!!

Thanks also to the PE staff at CCS who covered our lessons, as well as to the CCS admin and finance teams at the school who worked hard to support the trip organisation, helped to ensure that the electronic “paperless” system of storing relevant data was a success. 

I would like to say thanks to the parents for their support in getting all necessary paperwork, data and payments in on time and for helping by reinforcing the trip rules and protocols with their children E.g. No mobile phones……. I think that this was a success…..the students actually had to speak to each other! This enabled new friendships to be developed as well as existing friendships being strengthened further.

Mr Melling is putting a DVD together of some of the video footage taken on the slopes (thanks in advance Mr M). We’ll also collate the photographs to ensure that all students receive a momento of their week. 

A last but important request from me to students (and parents)……. Please, please make sure that you use the half term to catch up with the classwork / coursework missed. Speak to your friends to get the work and impress your teachers with your organisation and initiative!!

Take care and enjoy a long long sleep!!!

Mr C


Travel update!

Just at the roadworks near Luton. Sat Nav says 35mins away….. My guess is nearer 45mins. See you at school 12:15 – 12:30pm 😴😬

Final Day…

Last day on the slopes! 6:30am wake up, breakfast at 7:00am. Bags moved to shower rooms for 7:45am. Boarding the coach at 8:00am. Great effort from all involved, on time and ready to go!


GoPro Videos to come…

Afternoon, another lovely sunny day up here. We now have videos of all groups however the wifi is poor and we are unable to upload these to the blog. Great attitudes all round with students continuing to improve and work hard, despite their tired eyes and aching legs!