Day 1 …..done!!

The 6:40am alarm call was certainly a shock to the system for most students this morning, however all made it to breakfast on time and nearly all were awake.

The usual carnage of the first morning ski hire unfolded as expected….. one lost glove, one set of wrong boots put on and general low level hysteria, however we made it to the top on time and were ready to rock!

A respectable minus 10 degree temperature awaited us at the top of the mountain. After heavy snow yesterday, the conditions were perfect with good visibility and lots of “powder”……the students smashed their first day! A few minor bumps and bruises, but all down the hill in one piece and all are raring to go again tomorrow (or at least that’s what they are telling the staff!)

Pizza night saw a few individuals break through the 10 slice barrier! This was followed by Mr Rich and Mrs Wittich-Jackson’s race night (not them racing each other, rather them showing a selection of video clips of ski , snowboard and athletics races and students had to predict the winners!) Good fun and now time for some well deserved rest before Day 2!!


  1. Claire says:

    Great pictures! Thank you Mr C! Poppy what are you doing on the floor?⛷🤪 have a great day today Ani ❤️From the fam x

  2. Alison Newcombe says:

    Looks like they are all having a great time, so good to have the blog updates and some really good photos. Enjoy the rest of the week.

  3. Varinder Savage says:

    Thanks for the updates, Great pics. Good to see blue skies and good skiing conditions.
    Stay off the jägers 😂 Love you Ella Bella xx
    PS. Dad has been in the pool but is missing the pineapple and his swim buddy xx

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