Day 3

All teenagers think they are invincible…… yesterday was the day that they realised how tiring skiing is! The fatigue factor had well and truly kicked in with 3 alarm calls required to wake them up!!

A stunning day up top! Suncream required (and will be needed for the rest of the week!)

The disco was a big hit with CCS taking command of the dance floor (although many of the lads preferred patrolling the periphery!)


  1. Andrea Sharpe says:

    Hi Jaz loving all the photos might see you on ski Sunday soon 😂😂 you look like u r having fun love u lots miss u xx love Mum ,Mitch & Bentley xx

  2. Wayne Savage says:

    Sounds like you’re all having a blast. Must admit I’m abit jealous! Stay safe. Love you Ella ❣️ xx

  3. Lucy chaplin says:

    OMG it’s so quiet without Ella … I’m actually missing you and have no one to curl my hair … looks like your having a fab time Dad is really jealous xx

  4. Lindsey wooldrigde says:

    Missing my little boy Fraser, hope ur doing well and hope ur being sensible down the slopes we don’t want a broken,
    Miss you lots of love Lindsey xoxo

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