Day 5 …. we came, we saw, we conquered!!

As we sit on the coach on the way home, the general feeling among the staff is one of overwhelming pride. Our students have been a credit to us, to the school and to their families. Their conduct has been exceptional and their skiing progression exemplary. I have been running this trip since 2006 and I cannot recall a group over those years who can compare with this bunch in terms of their collective levels of determination, confidence and resilience. They have bonded brilliantly, supported each other on the hill and have joined in the fun at every point, laughing at themselves and laughing along with the staff (or more accurately, laughing at the staff!!!)

Day 5 on the hill was a chance to apply the skills they had developed during the week. One ski run is called “the wall” and I believe is the 5th steepest Ski slope in Europe!! Several of our skiers successfully negotiated this run which is incredible! The adjacent black run was also attempted by some…… this drops onto “the wall ” halfway down (see the photos)….. to put this achievement in perspective, I last went down “the wall” in 2011…… 20 metres on my feet, 120 meters on my backside! When the students told me where they’d just been, there was a mixture of admiration (for them) and shame (for my own cowardice!!!!)

We had a few fallers over the last couple of days, resulting in “minor”, although painful, injuries. Several of these students rested up with Mrs Chamberlain and then wanted to crack on later the same day or the next day, again reinforcing the levels of determination that impressed us so much.

We have lots of video footage which Mr Rich will kindly edit and compile into one “film” which we’ll share with all students after half term and they can keep as a memento of their week

Sincere thanks to Mrs Chamberlain for all her invaluable work pre trip, as well as her legendary organisation during the week , and to Mrs Wittich Jackson and Mr Rich for being so pro active all week …….and so much fun (even when it’s at my expense!)

Travel update to follow! πŸ˜‰

Mr Ca


  1. Deb Box says:

    Thank you for giving our children the opportunity to have such an amazing holiday. It’s great to see all the picture and updates. The snow conditions look fab.

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