What a week…

Wow, what a week! I can only echo the comments made by Mr Colman.

A fantastic group of students who have done us, the school and most importantly you very proud.

The progression has been remarkable, the best I have seen.

The main reason for this post, if he approves it (!) is to thank Mr Colman for not only his work beforehand but for coordinating, so successfully, what will be a memory of a lifetime for every single one of us!

Looking forward to seeing my own family but will miss the slopes, the kids and the hot chocolates!

Mr Rich


  1. kathryn powell says:

    Thank you to all of you for giving Holly and all the kids such an magical experience and wonderful memories. You’ve made it so special for them. Thank you

  2. Claire winborne says:

    Thank you all for making great memories and for looking after Ani. Hoping the journey goes quick for you so you can get back to your families.

  3. Bethan Suchocka says:

    Thank you all for making their trip such a magical experience and looking after them all, hope the journey back goes quick and you can enjoy a well deserved rest during half term.

  4. Wow it certainly looks like you all had a fantastic time out there and congrats to all achievements ‘I am well Jel” Doug will be embarrassed at that lol! Thanks to all the teaching team they won’t forget it I’m sure… and fabulous photos and updates throughout brill … I didn’t recognise Doug without his hood up hahaha see you soon . Dougs Mum

  5. Jenny Billingham says:

    I would just like to thank you all so much for making this experience absolutely amazing for poppy and the other pupils. It’s so lovely to hear that they have all been on great behaviour and a credit to the school.
    I have looked forward each evening to reading the blogs and looking at the amazing photos that you have taken time to produce and send.
    I’m sure that poppy would have made some wonderful memories and this would be down to your teams commitment and care whilst poppy has been away. Thank you all again and enjoy your half term break.⛷

  6. Lisa Smith says:

    Thanks again to all the staff for giving the students such an amazing holiday. Congratulations to all of you on brilliant achievements. Safe travels everyone.

    See you soon Beth. We’ve missed you. Lots of love, Mum, Dad & Cameron xxx

  7. Katie Sansom says:

    Memories that will last a lifetime! Thank you so much they look like they have had the time of there life! Can’t wait to get Ben home I’m guessing the first thing he asks for is dominos!!!! Safe travels!

  8. Steph says:

    Thanks so much to all the adults that made this amazing opportunity happen for the students, really pleased you all enjoyed it too! Sounds like an amazing time has been had all round and am really looking forward to hearing all the stories…! Thanks again!

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