Year 7 and Year 7/8 Girls Netball v Pitsford 30 1 2020

CCS travelled to Pitsford for a mini netball Tournament giving lots of players the opportunity to play for the school.  Some  of the CCS team had never played in a competitive netball match before, so it was a learning experience and the CCS players excelled and hopefully enjoyed the netball and the wonderful  Pitsford hospitality.    There were multiple shorter games, mixing the teams between Year 7 and Year 8.   The scores are below:-

Pitsford Y8 3 – 2 CCS Y7

Pitsford Y7 0 – 3 CCS Y7/8

Pitsford Y7 4 – 1 CCS Y7/8

Pitsford Y8 0 – 2 CCS Y7

Pitsford Y7 0 – 3 CCS Y7

Pitsford Y7 2 – 1 CCS Y7/8

Pitsford Y7 2 – 0 CCS 7/8


E Burdett

R Jeffery

T Honeywood

J Jesu

M Robinson

A Roach-Ashton

C Carver