Power Pack – The final frontier… Gorge-ous!

After returning from our overnight expedition we had a short break and lunch -then it was time for the final challenge of the week. 

Everyone was excited, a bit nervous and ready to go, go gorge! The first challenge was the wet-suit with long sleeves! Down in bedroom 9 there was a huge amount of heaving and groaning and pulling and squeezing before Max realised that his wetsuit was, in fact, back to front, after all that! 

Finally, exhausted, we clambered aboard the mini-bus and headed off. As all our group were participating we did not have a photographer- so only 1 photo. 

The gorge was a swollen torrent of roaring whitewater as we made a start- human Pooh Sticks under a low bridge. After the initial shock of the freezing water we scrambled  up the gorge to the plunge pool- first a backward jump and a swim across the bubbling torrent we were ready for ‘the jumps’ in to the  black and bubbling gorge pool- every member of Power Pack, despite some nerves, every single member of the group jumped off the highest rock ledge and encouraged each other with clapping, cheering and countdowns (slightly longer one for Mrs P on the final plunge!   Sooo proud of everyone. Great  week- great group! 

Power Pack pack up for the over night expedition

As is the tradition, the night that Mrs Patterson goes out on expedition it is dry and sunny – and this year we were not disappointed. We set off in the evening sunshine…

We enjoyed a leisurely walk to the campsite and played some games along the way.

Where are you ?

Here we are!

We explored the campsite in the evening sunshine.

We sat around the fire drinking our hot chocolate and as the sun set we sang songs and simply enjoyed each other’s company until it was time to retreat to our tents. All zipped in  and snuggled up  our camp was soon silent – goodnight everyone.

Good  morning  campers!

This is where smart campers put their boots to keep them dry!

Owen emerges  from his space shuttle having landed safely!

Everyone enjoyed our morning porridge before packing down.

Washing up – Joe tackles the welded  on porridge!

Leaving the campsite Saxon found some new friends! Baaaaaa.

Shock, horror-this driver appears to be illegally parked!!

Clearly the walk was not enough for Max (aka ‘the hamster). More exercise everyone!

Almost home- half an hour ahead of schedule-good walking Power Pack!

Murphy’s Marvellous Minions Climbing Conclusion

After scaling the steepest hill we have ever seen, we arrived at the base of the rock face. We started by clambering over several rocks and boulders and kept going up and up. We then arrived at the climbing face. Everyone harnessed up and started to climb two by two. They all made it to the top! Jamie and Owen were very apprehensive and overcame their fears. We were so proud of everyone!