What a day!

We have had a fantastic day at Pegasus Bridge and exploring the wonderful city of Paris. Our dinner was very yummy and now we are all tucked up in our hotel for the night and very much looking forward to our river cruise tomorrow!

Paris au soleil

The sunshine greeted us in Paris as we walked through the Le Jardins des Tuileries down to the Louvre. We crossed the Seine and are now heading to Monmartre for our evening meal at Chez Gigi.

Can you spot the Eiffel Tower to the left, the Tricolore flag and Cleopatra’s Needle in the back ground ?

Pegasus Bridge Museum

We parachuted into the Pegasus Bridge museum on our way to Paris – it has been a fascinating morning learning about the British airborne forces mission to capture the bridge (and others) and open the route for the allied forces to Paris and on into Germany- we had a great guide who was very impressed that the children had all seen the film ‘The Longest Day’

In 1944 this Bridge was renamed Pegasus Bridge in honour of the operation. The name is derived from the shoulder emblem worn by the British airborne forces which is the flying horse Pegasus. Can you spot the emblem shape in the museum behind us?

The gliders that were used could carry their own weight in cargo – about 3 tonnes.

We stood underneath the wings and learned that the wings were hollow and used to store equipment and supplies.

The allied forces planes all had black and white stripes on their wings and tails so that they could be identified and not shot down as a result of friendly fire! They had to build the gliders quick and so they painted the wide stripes with garden brooms – not quite fine the art technique!!

A little know fact is that that young reinforcements were drafted out from the CCS Wootton Fields Division to help secure the capture of Pegasus Bridge !!!! They look vaguely familiar!!!!

We also discovered that the model of the bridge that was made to assist in the planning of the operation was manufactured and made in Northampton!