Term 1 Week 6

Another busy week here in year 2.

In our English learning we have been recalling our African animal facts we have learnt and writing them into our own piece of non-fiction writing. To ensure we have done the best non-fiction writing we can do we have tried to include a subheading, a conjunction, an exclamation sentence and a question in every paragraph! (As well as remembering our capital letters and full stops).

In maths we have continued to learn about column addition but have progressed our learning looking at addition with renaming (carrying over a ten). We first investigate with base ten how if the ones totalled ten or more, we need to move ten ones across into the ten’s column. We then progressed by drawing our tens and ones onto our sheets to help us solve each addition question.

For our theme learning this week we have been looking at Tinga Tinga art. We first looked at the art style on the BBC show Tinga Tinga Tales. We then practiced on a white board drawing one of three African animals, either a bird, cheetah or giraffe. We then began using pastels to shade in our backgrounds and have drawn the outlines of our animals and painted them. Next week we hope to finish our Tinga Tinga art my painting on our spots and details.

Please find the home learning and spelling below and have a great weekend,
Miss Coleman, Mrs Jeffery and Miss Losty

Term 1 Week 5

We have been really busy this week in Year 2 and have enjoyed all of our learning linked into our Near and Far theme.  We have developed our skills in using an atlas to find out about the different countries which make up each of the seven continents.  We then consolidated these skills when investigating how many countries make up Africa.  Did you know that there are 54?




Our English learning really excited us this week because we got to research facts about a whole range of African animals.  A favourite was the Lion – we couldn’t believe that they can actually sleep for 20 hours a day and that their roar can be heard from as far as 5 miles away!  This research has enabled up to start to write a non-fiction text all about the animals.  We discovered that non fiction texts have many features including headings, sub-headings, paragraphs, questions, facts and photos.  We will be continuing to draft our report next week.

In Maths we have started to think about addition.  We have used different methods including counting on on a number line, using a hundred square and partitioning.  We have also been introduced to the column method which is really useful when adding together larger two digit numbers.  We found out that we must always start by adding the numbers in the ones column first.  We also drew our tens and ones and used base ten materials to help us to understand the method.





Just a reminder as the weather seems to be getting colder, to send your child into school with either their jumper or cardigan and a coat.

Please see below the spellings and home learning for this week.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Coleman, Mrs Jeffery and Miss Losty.

Home Learning

Red Spellings

Blue Spellings



Term 1 Week 4

Yet another week filled to the brim with fun-filled activities here in year 2.

In our English learning we have finished drafting our character description of Jamela from the story Jamela’s Dress. This week particularly focusing on her personality. We have used lots of adjectives to describe how she behaves and used the conjunction because to explain why she behaves in certain ways. We then had a go at editing our writing using our next steps to help guide us. We have now began writing them up in neat ready to go in out theme learning journals.

In maths we have looked at variety of things. We started by look at how we can compare numbers by ordering them, by looking at which number is the greatest or smallest and how we use our greater than (>)and less than (<) crocodiles to compare two numbers. After this we investigated odd and even numbers using multilink and numicon. We looked at how even numbers always come in pairs but with odd numbers there is always a one odd one out. Then we looked at different number patterns and how we can use a number square to helps us, first work out how many jumps to make, and then what the next few numbers may be in the sequence. To consolidate our learning, we then used target boards to look at the different two-digit number we could make. The target board may ask for an odd or even number, a number with 4 tens or maybe even a multiple of 2 along with lots of other potential targets to create.

Theme this week has involved us fact-finding different facts about the oceans as well as looking at what different countries we can find in the 7 continents. To help us we have used a variety of sources including atlas’ and the internet.

Please remember to click on the date above to assess this week’s spelling and home learning attachments and we hope you all have a fabulous weekend.
Miss Coleman, Mrs Jeffery and Miss Losty

Term 1, Week 3

Apologies for the technical error with the blog this week. It was scheduled to be published at 3:30pm on Friday but for some reason did not go live. I hope everyone enjoyed the sunshine over the weekend!

What a fun week we have had in Year 2 this week!

Everyone has enjoyed learning about the different continents in the world and beginning to explore using Atlas’ to investigate where countries and continents are. A lot of time was spent with children completely engrossed in looking at the different maps and flags.

We all then created a world map where we labelled the continents  and spent time looking at the different patterns and designs of flags from all over the world.

The children have really enjoyed finding out about the flags of countries that they have visited and those where they have family members.

                 File:World flag map Version 2.2.png
Our English learning this week has continued to look at characters from the book ‘Jamela’s Dress’ and use our adjective knowledge to describe Jamela’s appearance and her personality. We will be using these ideas and notes to help us write our character description’s about Jamela next week. Our previous work on adjectives will help us to create some great pieces of writing! To help with this we have also been looking at the use of apostrophes for possession to help us when writing about Jamela.

Maths has continued to focus on place value and consolidate the children’s knowledge about tens and ones. We have been investigating how different numbers can be made in different ways and using the Base 10 equipment to demonstrate our findings. The children are beginning to use their reasoning skills to look at how they can link their knowledge together to help them explain their learning and ‘how’ they know something. It has been wonderful to see the children becoming more confident in this!


All of the children have had super smiley faces for their class and individual photos over the last few days and have been very cheerful in the class.

Please find attached the home learning and spellings for this week. If you have any questions, please do come and speak to us.

Have a relaxing and enjoyable weekend.

Miss Coleman, Mrs Jeffery & Miss Losty

Term 1 Week 2

What a jam packed first full week back we have had here in year 2!
In our maths learning we have been looking at counting to 100 and place value. We looked at how we can group things into groups of ten to make our counting easier. This then helped us to look at how many tens and ones are in different numbers. We have explored this further by using the Base Ten materials to practically make different numbers and see the different tens and ones within them.








Our English learning this week has revolved around the story Jamela’s Dress. We look at the story and the different characters and discussed what the story was about. We have begun to plan our own character descriptions of Jamela using as many interesting adjectives as possible to describe her appearance.

In theme we have continued working on and finishing our African masks. This involved us carefully following our plans and painting on the final details. We also made our own African necklaces using paper plates. For our necklaces we painted a series of different patterns and bright colours on to the paper plates using traditional African necklaces as inspiration. We also started to look at the world as a whole and how it is split up. This week’s focus has been on learning the names 7 continents of the world and where they are.













Everyone has worked so hard in their first full week in year 2 and we are all so proud of how well they have settled in.

Spelling scores from this week can be found in children’s home learning logs along with any words they may need to continue practicing. This week’s spellings can be found below along with their home learning. Your child should have a sticker in their home learning logs stating which colour spellings they need to practice. Your child’s Bug Club will also have been updated with this term’s books, we recommend they read two books a week. If your child’s book band is changed their books will be updated.

If you have any issues downloading your child’s home learning or accessing the blog, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher.

Have a lovely weekend,
Miss Coleman, Mrs Jeffery and Miss Losty


Bug Club Log In!

Good Afternoon!

Just to clarify that all children have now been moved into their new year groups on Bug Club. We will continue to allocate books based on their reading level every half term. These will then be refreshed and changed if they move onto a new colour book band or at the start of the new term.


Please ensure that children are clicking on each of the bugs to answer the questions otherwise the book will remain in their collection to read.

Below is the log in information needed.

Username: (these are the same as last year – your child’s first name and the last letter of their surname. E.g. SophieM)

Password: This is now your child’s class so 2NCKJ or 2LL (all capitals please)

School code: akxa


If you have any questions please speak to your class teacher. Happy reading!


Miss Coleman, Mrs Jeffery & Miss Losty

Welcome to Year 2! Term 1 Week 1.

Welcome to our Year 2 blog!

Each Friday we will be adding any letters, home learning and spelling to this page.  We will also add information about the learning in Year 2.

We have had a very busy and exciting first week in Year 2.  All of the children have been given an independent reading book to read at home.  These books will be changed every week in our guided reading sessions.  There will also be a book online on bug club for your child to read at home.

In our English learning, the children wrote a short recount about what they did during the summer holidays.  We focused on using the correct punctuation, time connectives and conjunctions.

We have started to work on Number and Place Value in maths where the children have used Numicon to investigate numbers and what the value of each digit is.

Our Theme for this term is called ‘Near and Far’.  The children looked at a variety of objects and pictures which gave them clues about the country that we are going to be learning about first – Africa.  We thought about what we know already and came up with questions about what we would like to learn about e.g. How many countries make up Africa and Do the children play with toys?  For our sensational start, the children designed their own African mask.  They had to think carefully about colour, pattern and symmetry.  We will be continuing with our masks next week.

2NCKJ’s PE days are Tuesday and Friday. 2LL’s PE days are Monday and Thursday.  Please make sure that earrings are removed at home for these days.  Please can you ensure that your child has their PE kit in school.

2NCKJ will be visiting the LRC on Wednesdays to change their books.  2LL will be visiting the LRC on Mondays.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Coleman, Mrs Jeffery and Miss Losty.