Let’s get dancing!

Good morning Year 3!

Today there is a free live dance lesson with Step by Step at 12:00 pm if you would like to join in. Just follow the link below! You never know, you may also see some familiar faces of friends and teachers.



Northamptonshire Sport are also hosting their own School Games this week if you would like to get involved with that. Mr Wood is super keen for CCS to win.


TTRockstars Results

Another week complete, another battle complete!

Well done to 3ST who absolutely smashed their battle this week! Commiserations to 3EC who lost to 5ELAW. Miss Carter sends her apologies as she did spend a lot of time training 5ELAW on TTRockstars last year when she taught them in Year 4.

Well done to out MVPs this week. Great efforts all round.

MVP Battle Certificates 3ST

MVP Battle Certificates 3EC

What did you get up to last week?

This week we are just going to share a few photos with you as we aren’t really receiving enough for a video. Please, please send us your photos as we love seeing everything you get up to and your smiley faces. Lots of baking this week and some results from a science experiment 🙂 We also had a video sent in of Oli attempting to read his spellings backwards. We think he did a great job!


Home School Provision Week 7 (18.05.20)

It’s the last week before half term!

Remember, keep doing what you can and don’t worry if there are lessons you can’t access or complete.


Maths: You have now completed all the lessons on fractions. Well done! However, we will be re-capping after half term just to check you’ve remembered it all. We are now moving on to angles!


Angles Lesson 1 Worksheet

English: Check out lesson 1 on the Power Point. We’ve got some more grammar fun for you today!

Week 9 English PPT


Spelling: Yep! You guessed it. Time to test those words.

Reading: Read for 10 minutes


Maths: https://www.thenational.academy/year-3/maths/to-identify-angles-inside-2-d-shapes-year-3-wk4-2#slide-1

Angles Lesson 2 Worksheet

English: Lesson 2 on the PowerPoint

Miss Turner's VE day recount

Recount Check List

Recount Writing Words

Spelling: Write a definition for each of your new words. Use a dictionary to help you.

Spellings Week 9

Reading: Choose one or more of the articles below and complete the questions that go with them. An adult can read to you and scribe your answers for you if you need support.

First News Comprehension

Science: More shadow fun!

Lesson Presentation Changing Shadows

Activity Sheet Comic Strip Planner

Activity Sheet Results and Patterns


Maths: https://www.thenational.academy/year-3/maths/to-recognise-right-angles-year-3-wk4-3

Angles Lesson 3 Worksheet

English: Lesson 3 on the PowerPoint. More Grammar!


Spelling: Your turn! We want you to come up with a fun way to practise your spellings. Take a photo and send it to us!

Reading: Read a page from your book backwards.



Angles Lesson 4 Worksheet

English: Lesson 4 on the PowerPoint


Spelling: Play hangman with your spellings.

Reading: Read upside down. Not for too long though!

Theme: Today we are going to learn all about life in the rain forest.

Life in the Rainforest PPT

Rainforest Animals Fact File Activity Sheet


Maths: Complete the arithmetic questions below.


English: Lesson 5 on the Power Point

Instruction Check List

Instruction Writing Words

Reading: It’s time to catch up on the news!


GOLDEN TIME! You’ve earned it again.


We hope you have a great week and can’t wait to see all the wonderful things you get up to.

Miss Carter and Miss Turner