Term 1 Week 7

Year 6 had a great, practical science lesson in secondary this week investigating series and parallel circuits.  Pupils had to make conclusions about the brightness of a bulb in both circuits.  We then developed our HPL (High Performance Learning) skills by connecting our learning to real life situations.  Pupils had to apply their knowledge of series and parallel circuits to Christmas tree lights!

Our art lessons this week were based on Chinese pottery and we explored the Willow Pattern design and the story behind it.  Pupils then worked on their HPL skills of creativity to make their own artistic representation of the story.

Home Learning

  • Spelling revision of homophones (all words set this term)
  • 5x independent reading (recorded in journal)
  • Maths Watch (Mrs McNair’s maths group multiplication focus)
  • Reading comprehension (6KM – Fire Drills/ 6SM – Plastic Pollution)

Next week is Health & Happiness week and we have lots of exciting activities planned including cheerleading, cooking, Forest Schools, Rodeo Bull, Bungee Run and lots more!  Please remember your wellies (or old trainers) and coat for Forest School on Monday afternoon.

Have a good weekend!
Mrs McNair & Mrs Murphy

Term 1 Week 6

This week, Year 6 finished their class novel ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’.  It was an emotional ending and we even had a few tears!  Pupils completed a book review and Jacob described the book as ‘an emotional rollercoaster’.  Pupils are now writing a letter based on the story and have been working hard on the drafting process ready to edit & improve next week.

Mrs McNair’s maths group have been refining their addition and subtraction written skills.  We have played games (The Route of Truth) to become more accurate with our written calculations and then applied our skills to missing number problems.

We had a goodbye assembly on Friday for Mrs Meredith who is starting her maternity leave.  We wish Mrs Meredith lots of luck and love as she embarks on her new journey of motherhood and would like to thank her for all her hard work in Year 6 this term.

To end the week, Year 6 continued their work on Shakespeare.  Half of the year group continued their rehearsals for ‘Julius Caesar’ whilst the other half were researching the life of Shakespeare and producing fact files on the famous playwright.  Hopefully we will finish them next week and put them on our blog!

Home Learning

  • Reading Comprehension – Fire Drills
  • Spellings – continued work on homophones
  • Maths watch (Mrs McNair’s group – addition & subtraction focus)
  • 5 x per week independent reading (recorded in journals)

Have a good weekend!

Mrs McNair

Term 1 Week 5

Year 6 have been considering on-line safety this week.  They had a great assembly led by Google who gave the pupils lots of tips about how to stay safe on-line.  Pupils were able to ask questions and think of ways to stay safe whilst using the internet for school work and leisure activities.

Wednesday saw 30 of our Year 6 pupils visit the Deco theatre in Northampton for their Shakespeare workshop.  Pupils took part in a variety of activities to develop their acting style and get to know how a working theatre runs.  They did various exercises in voice projection and stage movement before continuing their work on Julius Caesar.  A great time was had by all and we are looking forward to the performance in November.

We are now in the middle of our novel – Kensuke’s Kingdom.  We are beginning to find out more about the main character of Michael and the mysterious figure who has been helping him survive on the desert island.  Pupils have been using the text to base their writing on.  This week has seen instruction writing for shell painting.

Our science work in secondary this week was based on circuits and drawing circuit diagrams.  Pupils were hands-on with exploring circuits and getting components to work under different conditions.  We are looking forward to our next visit in two weeks time.

Home Learning

  • 5x independent reading recorded in journals
  • Reading comprehension – Shakespeare
  • Mathswatch – SMc set negative numbers/ KM set addition & subtraction
  • Spelling – homophones continuation

See you  next week!

Mrs McNair

Term 1 Week 4

Year 6 have had another busy week continuing their learning.  We are really pleased to see a positive attitude from the Year 6 pupils who are enjoying the new challenges in Year 6!

In our English lessons we have been continuing with the story of ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’.  This week we have been analysing the authors use of language and making inferences.

Maths work has been focusing on place value.  Mrs Murphy’s group have been developing their understanding of calculating with negative numbers and Mrs McNair’s groups have been rounding numbers and looking at linear number sequences.  Today, pupils in Mrs McNair’s maths group were given a ‘Creative’ task.  They had to find out about square numbers and feedback to the class in an imaginative and creative way.  Pupils really enjoyed their learning and we had songs, raps, news reports, I-pad slides, model representations, peg board formations, posters… the list goes on!  Well done for being so creative Year 6! Take a look at some of our photos:

Next week sees the Shakespeare workshop at the Deco Theatre on Wednesday for some of our pupils and we also have a special Google E-safety assembly on Thursday.

Home Learning

5 x independent reading recorded in journals

Spelling – homophones 3 (Please remember to complete Look Cover Write Check to help learn your spellings)

Mathswatch Activity Online  (KM maths group – negative numbers/ SMc maths group – rounding & sequences)

Reading Comprehension – The Rugby World Cup

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs McNair & Mrs Murphy

Term 1 Week 3

The sun has been shining this week and so have our Year 6 pupils!  We have completed some assessments in grammar, reading and maths this week and the pupils have had a fantastic positive attitude.  Well done!

We have also been very excited in Year 6 as we have started team teach science lessons with secondary phase.  We started this week with our first lesson in the lab focusing on lab rules and equipment.  Lessons will continue with investigations and practical work on our focus area of electricity.

Look out for your child’s individual photo leaflet in their book bag tonight.  We have had class and individual photos this week – say cheese!

Home Learning

  • Micheal Morpurgo reading comprehension
  • Mathswatch arithmetic questions
  • Spellings – homophones 2
  • 5x independent reading recorded in journals

Enjoy the start of the rugby world cup this weekend.  Year 6 are taking part in a sweepstake so make sure you are supporting your child’s team!

Mrs McNair & Mrs Murphy

Term 1 Week 2

Another great week in Year 6!  We continued reading the class novel ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ and began to gather ideas for our island descriptions.  We also completed several grammar lessons on how to use the colon and semi-colon correctly.

Maths work focused on place value and understanding the value of each digit to ten million.  There were lots of reasoning and problem solving challenges for the pupils to apply their mathematical knowledge.

Within science, we began our work about electricity by reviewing prior learning and thinking about electrical hazards.  Next week we will be going over to secondary to use the science labs for our science lesson with a secondary science teacher working in partnership with the Year 6 teachers to deliver the lesson.

Home Learning

  • Electricity reading comprehension
  • Homophones spellings
  • Mathswatch place value task
  • At least 5x independent reading recorded in journal

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs McNair & Mrs Murphy

Welcome back!

Year 6 had a great start back to school this week.  It was lovely to hear about their adventures and stories from the summer holidays before we began putting things into place for the year ahead.

This week we have started our theme ‘The Enchanted East’ which has a focus on China & Japan.  We began reading our class novel ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ and looked at the artist Hokusia.  We began our art work by recreating his famous print ‘The Wave’.

We continued our ‘Sensational Start’ with lots of oriental activities including origami, manga cartoon design and a chopstick challenge!

A fantastic start to the Year!

Have a lovely weekend – see you Monday!

Mrs McNair & Mrs Murphy