FAQ and Student Transition Booklet

Thank you for all the brilliant questions that have been sent in over the past week. Hopefully this video will answer some of the frequently asked questions and make you feel a little more comfortable about your move to CCS Secondary in September.

As well as this video, we have created a series of booklets. We are hoping these booklets will include everything you need to prepare for September. The CCS Year 6 Transition Student Booklet has important information about the school day; a map of the school site, an example timetable and the amazing extra curriculars on offer, as well as so much more. Have a read through this booklet carefully and familiarise yourself with all the important information.

The CCS Year 6 Transition Tasks Booklet has challenge tasks from each subject area for you to complete over the next few months. We would like you to bring these challenges into school in September to share with your tutor and fellow class mates.

A Parent Guide 2020 has also been attached to this post and sent home covering everything that you and your parents need to know. Sit down together, grab a snack and make your way through it – it’s a little chunky!

One final thing, once you have completed any of the challenges, can you please take a quick piccie and send it to the year 6 transition email. This will allow me to see all the hard work and amazing things are Year 6s are doing to prepare for CCS in September.

Email: year6transition@ccs.northants.sch.uk

Stay safe and speak to you all soon!

Year 6 Transition Team

CCS Year 6 Transition Student Booklet

CCS Year 6 Transition Tasks Booklet

Parent Guide 2020 –